Every season, our design team travels the world to gather visual inspiration that leads to the creation of each collection. From shops to city centers to catwalks to the runways of the streets, they gather photos and memories that create the beginning stages of our next year’s designs. We wanted to give you a peak behind the curtain and share our inspiration for one of our most favorite fashion seasons, Fall 2015


Each summer, a group from the NIC+ZOE design team jets off to Italy to not only to attend the Pitti Fillati yarn fair, but to gather inspiration for future seasons. Last July, our founder Dorian and her design team took in the new trends, tastes and interpretations of style and fashion to begin concepting this year’s fall collection.

“While in Italy, we were inspired by soft textures and interesting surface treatments and tried to concept pieces that could work well together for layering as the weather changes. Enjoy our FALL 2015 collection and its inspiration.”


We noticed a lot of puffed sleeves and dramatic layers that played with proportions of the female shape and figure. While it can be glamorous to think of these striking looks, we always bring it back to a realistic place for our customer. We wanted to create a polished look that incorporated these exaggerated layers so we created beautiful oversized sweaters and vests with soft textures that style perfectly with a belt to create a comfortable, fashionable and sophisticated look (see Hilary left making busy look a little too good in the Blue Waves Cardigan and the Stretch Stitched Belt).


Fall captures femininity with an urban twist. Our first group, Adagio, draws on a theme of primal landscapes. Soft, natural patterns, relaxed layers, sunlit pale hues and winter whites mix with shattered graphics, volcanic greys and dramatic placements of weathered looks. The season continues with our second collection, Play It Cool, that features indigo at the core. The denim and chambray washes compliment the friendly, oversized sweaters for a feminine but urban look. Coral Room rounds out the season as the most feminine. With pops of Rose Sorbet mixed with hues of Pink Pearl and embellishments of faux fur, fringe, and studs. You can see the soft bohemian folk inspiration with a slightly more organized application.

Enjoy the season of relaxed layers and polished comfort in spiced hues, shades of olive + chambray and pops of rose sorbet mixed with winter white. Shop Adagio + Play It Cool, available now.

Coral Room coming soon to nicandzoe.com, NIC+ZOE Stores and your local NIC+ZOE retailer!