On my trip to Italy, I started to notice the beautiful patterns I was walking on, and couldn't stop being inspired by the textures and patterns to the point that every place I went I wanted to take a picture of the ground! We stayed at the gorgeous Lungarno hotel, located along the Arno River and a stone’s throw away from Ponte Vecchio, which offered breathtaking views of the water and the city.

“I was enamored with the Fall/Winter 2014 yarn show at Pitti Filati. Using the theme of LOVE as inspiration, designers revealed new techniques in yarn development, stitches and color. I was particularly taken with the high pile and eyelash yarns which continue to fuel the animalistic trend which is always a favorite!”

Almost as important as the show itself was the walk from the hotel to the venue. With so many visitors, you can truly get a view of the world and how real women like to dress. We were so inspired by the favored colors, most popular dress lengths, and the key new trends that we spotted on the streets.