There’s something about knits. How they feel—and make you feel. What they say about you. Soft and sensual, they move with you and go where you go.


As Nic + Zoe’s Creative Director, Dorian Lightbown explains, creating the perfect knit happens in three parts: the design of the textile, the shape and style of the garment, and how it’s finished.


From woven silks to lacy pointelles, knitwear should move with you. Soft to the touch, they have a depth of feel. They give you the freedom to express yourself in all your beautiful layers.


Some are thin and drape across the body. Others are thick and textured—as comforting as old friends. All knits are for everyday, designed to be as on the go as you are, moving from work to play, from coffee to cocktails.


The fit should show off your shape, be flattering and feel good. It’s about effortless beauty—creating a head-to-toe silhouette that’s slimmer and decidedly you. Always in the moment, embracing life.