The Dushu Lake in Suzhou provided a lovely view from the hotel window, where we stayed near Shanghai. There was something so peaceful about the sparkling waters, which allowed us to clear our minds and reflect. The serene location set the perfect tone for the days ahead.

“On this trip, I made my first visit to the hand painted factory near Shanghai. Before even getting inside, a bike with an innovative umbrella caught my eye. Once in the factory, it was fun to see the painting process in action, from the colorful paint buckets to the exceptional final product. I was so enamored with the items and the painting process itself that I added a hand-painted piece to every collection starting in Fall. Stay tuned for these special pieces and more behind the scenes of this technique! ”

From the people to the traffic, Hong Kong is a city that is constantly moving. We sought inspiration in the upscale shopping areas, where we noticed sheer fabrics, multimedia styling, a combination of sheer and opaque dresses, and pretty Summer color palettes.