During my recent trip to Italy, I was struck most by the colors and architecture of this inspiring city. The Italian sun has such a striking effect on colors, giving them a natural tint that is both uplifting and feminine. The constant environmental surroundings in this city allow even interior shades to have a direct relationship with colors outside.

Another feature that is hard to miss when in Italy is the architecture. I kept noticing the prevalence of the + sign used in designs, from doorways to flooring and everything in between. This icon, also a prominent feature of our brand name, is symbolic of the intersection of things, suggesting an act of balance.

In Florence, we stayed at Hotel L’Orologio located on The Piazza Santa Maria Novella. One morning, we noticed a photo shoot taking place on the roof of a nearby hotel. This connection between the world of fashion against the backdrop of Italian architecture in colors elegantly transformed by the rays of the sun, drove home the remarkable theme of this trip for me.