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1. What brought you to Florence/Milan?

We travel to Florence twice a year to review the Pitti Fillati yarn fair, where manufactures from all over the world showcase new trends in yarn, fibers, machinery, colors and techniques.

2. Where did you stay during your trip?

Hotel L’Orologio, meaning The Clock. The artwork and interior design of the hotel is designed in this clock theme.

3. Italy has some remarkable architecture. Which building or features struck you most while you were walking around?

The Duomo is a popular attraction. It’s a large cathedral with marble panels that is not only amazing to behold, but it serves as a helpful landmark when navigating the streets of Florence!

4. What trends were you noticing in the stores and on the streets of Italy?

Italian’s are always put together, but in a very effortless way. Easy dresses, soft pants, kimono shaped jackets and light colors were prevalent on this trip.

5. Was there a color story throughout your trip?

Warm neutrals and feminine shades, like cosmetic pinks and light yellows

6. This wasn’t your first time visiting, so what stood out to you during your recent trip that you hadn’t noticed before?

I’ve never experienced a thunderstorm in Italy until this trip. On our first night there, the storm raged giving way to cooler temperatures during the rest of our stay.

7. Do you have any advice for first-time visitors to the area?

Take business cards from your favorite stores/restaurants so you can remember for next time, and give advice to others who are traveling. Also, don’t miss a visit to the old Sainta Maria Nouvella Officinia profumo, where they have been selling perfume and soap for over a hundred years… It’s like taking a trip back in time! The interior is like an old church with stain glass windows and carved wooden cases that display all the wonderful perfume bottles. I particularly love their rose soap!

8. What’s your favorite photo taken on the trip + why?

There was a giant light fixture in the foyer of our Hotel that really struck me. The draping was fantastic, plus I love how tactile it looks and how bold the color is.

9. Favorite restaurant?

Quattro Leone (4 Lions)

10. What 3 items/articles of clothing are must-haves for a trip to Italy?

Comfortable shoes for walking, lightweight Summer dresses and a one of our hand-painted scarves as a layer in the evening and on the plane!