This picturesque building and landscape may not be what you would picture when thinking of a knitwear factory, but this stunning scene is home to one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. It is here that the NIC+ZOE sweaters you love so much are brought to life, from the initial color-dying process to the final quality checks.

“Located just outside of Shanghai, the factory is innovative in its techniques and unmatched in its attention to detail. The process starts in the dye room, where formulas are created to achieve the best match for the swatches in our color story. Colors are tested many times over, washed and dried to see the effect before moving on to the knitting process. After the piece is put together, it is dyed, printed and hung to dry. Each item is checked for quality, and if anything seems out of place it is carefully fixed by hand.”

Pioneers in the field of knitwear technology, they proudly show off rare machinery and exclusive techniques each time the NIC+ZOE team visits the factory. This collaboration allows us to bring such unique and innovative details to our designs, like the lace weave or tangled knit [link to examples]. In addition to our factory’s look toward the future of knitwear, they are one of the few manufacturers to take a product from start to finish which allows us to guarantee the best NIC+ZOE product for our amazing customers.