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Friends in the 


Is a day without the building blocks of community. This year in honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to remind people that when women come together amazing things happen. Right here in our backyard of Boston, MA live thousands of real, inspiring women. Women who take chances, focus on the positive and are always acting as a force for good. It’s sometimes tough to practice but if we show our colleagues, friends, family, and others in our community, gratitude and appreciation, the possibilities are endless. When we, a diverse body of women, stack hands, we become unstoppable.

Stack hands with us as we celebrate amazing women all month long. 


Because of recent events

women have started to

stand up for each other,

and there is a new found 

trust in womanhood."


Founded in 2012 from the idea that gift giving had become disconnected, Sofi opened Olives & Grace. The neighborhood store is a gift maker’s haven with products from all over. Before opening, Sofi shared a small space with two other women, each trying to start their own businesses – one was a calligrapher and the other was a florist. For a year they exchanged knowledge, creative ideas and leveraged each other’s networks to kick start their companies. To this day, they all remain close and help each other out from time to time. Their bond is a testament to strength in numbers.


“Right now there is a natural bond that has started to grow because of different movements, such as, the Women’s March. International Women’s Day is so important this year because there is a spotlight on it. Because of recent events women have started to stand up for each other, and there is a new found trust in womanhood.” 


Kirstyn recently took a risk and left her comfortable job in the commercial real estate industry to sell handmade chocolate patties in Newburyport, MA. What started as an old family recipe has quickly turned into her newly formed company called Seacoast Sweets. The New England sensation doubles as a platform for good. Kirstyn donates $1 for every 12 patties sold to Dream Big!, an organization to empower girls from low-income situations by providing them with the basic items and fees needed to participate in sports and physical activities that contribute to their health, education, and overall well-being.


“Change takes time, and  International Women’s Day offers us another platform to represent ourselves.”


Women today need to

be supporting each

other, to set an example

for the next generation."


In January of 2011, Cate opened Boston’s first indoor cycling studio as a side project. Over the course of 5 months her business grew so quickly that she took a leap of faith in May of 2011 to go “all in.” Today, Cate uses her platform as a means to keep the sense of community alive at her Back Bay and South End cycle studios. Whether it’s partnering with other Boston based businesses for marketing or utilizing local art for interior deisgn, Cate is keen to maintain the bespoke boutique feeling her riders have come to adore.


“Women today need to be supporting each other, to set an example for the next generation. Women need to bond together and inspire one another.” 


A few years ago Janet Kraus and her colleagues, realized that most women are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit or doesn’t do its job, so she set out disrupt the intimates industry by creating a bra backed by cutting edge technology and beautiful product design. Janet and her team’s goals are much bigger than just creating a better product, Peach is invested in changing the world so that it is more inclusive and so that women have an equal seat at the table. They’re doing this by training their community of expert stylists in positive psychology, a part of which is the act of harnessing one’s strengths. The outcome is creating an environment where women thrive at work, at home and in all areas of their lives.


“Diversity has always separated us, it needs to bind us.” 


Our very own Chief Creative Director, Dorian Lightbown, is a woman that we admire. Here’s why. Years ago, she saw an overly structured uniform of dress stifling active, busy women. Seeing the need for a creative, easy alternative that could take women from day to night and from work to weekend, she left her full-time job and started designing for her own label. At the time, her biggest supporters were her kids, Nicholas and Zoë, so she named the company after them. We recently asked Dorian what’s the most important aspect about a day like International Women’s Day and she said “that female camaraderie supersedes everything.” We couldn’t agree more. 

At NIC+ZOE, a brand largely built by women, we are so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing women every day. This year, we hope you acknowledge the women who inspire you.

Pay it forward, unify together, celebrate and stack hands.

Can you imagine a day without these woman?

Neither can we.

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