At NIC+ZOE, every day is Mother’s Day. Mother-daughter duo Zoë and Dorian have been working together at NIC+ZOE since 2009. And while taking on a job working with your mom can be intimidating, Zoë wasn’t nervous to start. We asked her to give us her real thoughts on working with her mom and what she loves + learns from her mom Dorian.

Were you nervous to start working with your mom?

Zoë: I don’t think so!

What did you think working with your mom would be like? What is it really like/how does reality compare?

Zoë: Our working relationship has really evolved over the years. Each year we are working closer and closer together. I think what is great about our relationship is that we are (typically!) truly in sync with each other.

What is your favorite part about working with your mom?

Zoë: There are nights, late nights, where we really get into the nitty gritty of each group. These nights are essential to bouncing ideas off of each other and diving into every element of the delivery. While it makes for an early wake up call, that feeling of getting into the groove and working until we can’t anymore is actually kind of great.

How do you two complement each other at work? In life?

Zoë: I think most importantly is that we support each other. We take turns being overwhelmed! When one of us thinks it’s impossible, the other one assures that it is…and we get through it!

What has your mom taught you as you have worked with her? Maybe she doesn’t even know she has taught you this?

Zoë: That there are way more details than meets the eye. At NIC+ZOE, every amount of energy goes into every little detail and in the end it’s totally worth it.

What is your style versus Dorian’s?

Zoë: There are so many days where we show up wearing the exact same NIC+ZOE pieces! It really speaks to the brand and its versatility, we each style it our own way and make it our own.

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