Welcome to Nic+Zoe,

a fiercely female clothing brand, led by a mother and daughter. We are driven by one simple mission: to bring out your inner glow, that unique spark that makes you unapologetically you. We’re here to help you outfit your hustle no matter where the day takes you.

About Nic+Zoe


You’re a master of “the dance.” That daily balancing act of family, friends, career and care-taking. Beyond that long “to-do” list, we know you’re driven by a bigger purpose — to find beauty and heart in everyday moments. That’s why we have just one thing on our to-do list: make clothes that make you feel unstoppable.

Knitwear is our thing.

In fact, it all started with the quest to make the perfect sweater. We sourced the highest quality knits and created the perfect pattern. Then we made another one. And another. And we kept going until we’d created everything from bold statement knitwear to essential foundation pieces. Over the years we’ve expanded our range, but our love for a great sweater has never waned. Guess you could say we’re a close-knit family.



Ok sure, that sounds a bit cheesy. But the truth is, our designs are about so much more than colors, prints, and silhouettes. They're about the power of big cultural movements, the beauty in simple everyday moments, and above all, the freedom that comes from being authentically yourself. See, it's women like you (yes, you!) who are our biggest inspiration. We guess this is our way of saying, thank you for being yourself.

Meet Dorian.
She's one of the strongest women we know.

She also happens to be our Chief Creative Officer. Dorian noticed how women’s clothing just wasn't measuring up. Whoever was designing it wasn’t really considering real women.

Women too busy blazing trails to be stifled by clothing that couldn't keep up. What they needed was versatility; clothes that could be equal parts comfortable and stylish, with a whole lot of room for personalization (and a side of ‘where’d you get that?’s). Armed with knitwear expertise and the support of her children, Nicholas and Zoë (yes, that Nic and Zoë), Dorian did what every strong woman does. She got to work to do something about it. In 2006, NIC+ZOE was born.

So that’s our story. It’s a story by strong women, for strong women. And it’s one of which we’re incredibly proud. We hope that when you wear our clothes, you’ll be inspired, just like Dorian, to live life on your terms.