The craft and knowledge of knitwear has forever changed – gone are the days of rooms of knitters pushing the handles of hand driven knitting machines. Now, the same rooms are filled with modern, computerized machinery. Yet the true potential for knitwear is as vast as the stitches we develop.

Our knits are a melting pot of travel + life

Our founder, designer, and Chief Creative Officer, Dorian Lightbown views knitwear like a canvas. Graphics, embroideries and art are all interpreted to create our knitwear designs – they are life inspired. Dorian’s approach blends colors, much like painting, to create beautiful textiles.

“My eyes see everything as knitwear. It is the most exciting medium for creativity. Blending yarns becomes an art form; you paint with knitwear.”

The common perception of a knit is that of an oversized chunky sweater and yet it is so much more. But knitwear is a textile that can be manipulated to suit a woman’s everyday needs. Lightweight + sensual, it moves with you.

“knitwear for me is everything”

- Dorian Lightbown